Thursday, August 18, 2011

Draft Dr. Christina Romer for Obama's 2012 Campaign

Hi Newshackers,

I don't know how to email or call President Obama's campaign brain trust directly, so I'm publishing this inspiration here hoping they will hear about it.

TO: Messrs. Jim Messina and David Plouffe,

I’m writing you today to say that I hope this idea will have already occurred to you, but in case it hasn’t, or hasn’t yet, I highly recommend that you approach Prof. Christina Romer, the former Chair of the President’s Council of Economic Advisers, about taking a leave of absence from her teaching duties at Berkley to campaign for the President full time.

Yesterday, I watched Dr. Romer on CNN in a long and detailed discussion with Wolf Blitzer about the administration’s economic plans, the coming jobs initiative, the Republican obstructions in Congress, and a number of other financial/political issues. Wolf pressed her about many of the right wing’s erroneous assertions and outright mis-representations, and I was struck by how pleasantly and clearly she made her points and defeated the misrepresentations of the right wing. Her facility with the facts and with the realities of the national economy made her totally comfortable fielding extremist viewpoints and combating economic misrepresentations. While smiling!! Beaming, in fact. I also saw her recent appearance on Real Time With Bill Maher and she was great there too. Poised and humorous. The camera loves her!

This woman is the spokesperson the President needs on the campaign trail combating the extreme economic views espoused by the right wing. Her voice and persona will insure that her message will get heard and considered by the mostly white independents and conservatives the President is targeting. People who immediately stop listening to most well-known Democratic politicians, liberal pundits, or spokespeople for liberal organizations, as soon as they started talking.

Try to get her seen on Fox News and on other conservative outlets like Bill O’Reilly. She’ll be so different than most of the Democratic party and liberal/progressive faces they see that they’ll be fascinated. They’ll watch her and think, “She’s a lady. She’s really well-spoken. She’s a real expert. Hmmm. She makes a lot of sense.” What they will also be thinking, even if they wouldn’t admit it to themselves is, “She’s white like me. She’s sincere. She believes Obama’s strategy is the right one. I need to think about this some more.”

Some may say I’m “playing a race card” or being a racist in suggesting this strategy. I don’t think so. I’m simply pointing out that these particular targets need a soft touch from someone they feel is like them to win them over. Stridency will drive them away. I think the President understands this.

I would suggest that she start in this role immediately. I think her presence and good sense will need some time to break through to these people, but I’m confident she can.