Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Hallelujah: Obama wins Presidency

Hi Newshackers,

As you probably know, I'm thrilled with the result!! The original plan was that I party the evening away with friends. Instead, I'm stuck at home with a cold that I don't want to give to anyone. So, here's my virtual celebration of a historic election!


Update at 12:45 AM: I was thrilled, but I had no one to cheer with. My wife had been skeptical. She had been bracing for disappointment all night, and already in her nightgown. I wanted to cheer, she was just relieved.

Our dear neighbors, Cindy and Holden, ran our bell at 11:00 PM EST with a bottle of champagne right after I sent the message above. They didn't care that I was sick, they wanted to celebrate and they just didn't kiss me. We celebrated the win, the joy and hope it represents, and the future. We could hear cries of joy and support coming from apartments all around us. It was amazing.