Thursday, October 9, 2008

Best Recent Political Comment: Governor Mike Easley of North Carolina

Hi Newshackers,

The most powerful TV political quote I've heard recently came from Governor Mike Easley (D) of North Carolina, in his appearance on The Rachel Maddow Show last night.

The Obama campaign should leap on this line, and Governor Easley's smooth delivery of it, and run it to death. It could trigger the Obama landslide for which many of us are hoping. It crystallizes the economic imperative for Obama and embraces conservative voters, who like McCain as a person, but can't accept what he has become politically.

Responding to Rachel's question about whether he was worried about a Bradley Effect on voters in his state, where people will say they are for Obama but then won't pull the lever for him because of his race, Governor Easley gave a great answer. Instead, he saw a high likelihood of a Reverse Bradley Effect.

"I was Down East in my state the other day and I saw a big pickup truck with shotgun in the gun rack, and two big Obama stickers in the windows. I think the message here is, 'I like McCain, but I love my job!'"

Rachel's interview with Governor Easley is about half way through this video

It's worth watching.


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