Wednesday, September 17, 2008

GOP campaign twisting small-town values

Hi Newshackers,

The title and link above lead to a wonderful Op-Ed letter from the heart of small-town America, that I received from a friend who knows the author. (Thanks, John) Rosemary Weathers Burnham's letter smacks of home, middle American values and hopes, and an innate sense of political hypocrisy when presented with it.

Here are two quotes to encourage you:

"...until the marketing gurus of the Republican presidential campaign launched their "small town USA" spin. Unfortunately, the tinselly "small-town values" glittering in their marketing blitz don't seem to have much to do with the real values of my hometown."

"I wonder, what has happened to our country's sense of decency that even John McCain can't seem to stop referring to his POW experience 40 years ago?", unfortunately, has buried this excellent Op-Ed letter so far from the home page that it's not likely to get much notice. This cross-posting is an effort to see that it does.


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