Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Congratulations, Rachel Maddow, & texting acronym hell

Hi Newshackers,

I just sent a fan letter to Rachel Maddow, along with a hot tip about a list of what all those text messaging acronyms really mean. Enjoy.



Hi Rachel,

Congratulations on your new show. I'm a big fan. Keep telling it straight, with courtesy, and inviting guests that make the audience think, and I'm sure you'll be a big hit.

I really liked your guest tonight, Senator Amy Klobuchar. Her ending statement about how her daughter thought she was cool because she was appearing on your show was very real and charming. She thanked you for restoring her coolness, which she had lost because she couldn't keep up with all the chat and text messaging acronyms - and you got it back for her.

Of course, no one who has a real life to live can keep up with them. To aid us out-of-it, non-chatting, non-texting folks, my friend, Lionel, has posted an exhaustive list of these arcana on his blog, Miscellaneous Reports.

Check it out. It's interesting and funny because you can just read the list and don't have to remember them all. Forward it to the Senator, with my compliments, and maybe Kent Jones will be interested, too.

Best regards,

/Dick Jones

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