Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Lessons Bush Learned From Hitler by The Existentialist Cowboy

Hi Newshackers,

Like the new color scheme? I have a habitual fondness for blue tones. Also, I found it necessary to change the old look, despite liking it really well. Why?

Well, today I visited an excellent blog called The Existentialist Cowboy and thought I'd clicked on NewsHacker by mistake. Though I'd never seen his blog before today, Len Hart's blog color scheme and layout were nearly identical to my own. It was freaky. It was also obvious that his blog was much older and more fully developed than mine. That being the case, I decided he had first dibs on that template and look and I would find another look for mine to avoid visual confusion. Especially because I hope to attract some of Len's audience to NewsHacker.

Back to business. I was really impressed with The Existentialist Cowboy's historical perspective in Lessons Bush Learned From Hitler. Hart lays out the numerous historical parallels between how the Hitler Regime came to power and the Bush Administration's selection by the Supreme Court, and the many subsequent events and strategies they had in common, in rigorous fashion. Uncanny, and well worth your time.

One could make a case that Bush learned these same basic lessons from Stalin, Mao, Franco, Pol Pot, Vlad Dracula, et al, but that would be quibbling. The corollaries between the Hitler and Bush regimes' tactics are startling.


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