Thursday, July 19, 2007

Happy Blogosphere Day!!

Hi Newshackers,

Happy Blogosphere Day!!

Today, July 19, 2007, is the fourth annual Blogosphere Day. This year, prominent Democrats and bloggers alike have been quick to claim the blogosphere as a primary force behind their resurgence in the 2006 elections.

There is no question that liberals and progressives have been quicker to jump on the blogging bandwagon than Republicans, though more and more conservatives are starting to blog as well. I wish them luck. If the conservative bloggers' ideas are substantial, they will get a hearing. That's fine with me. Some conservative positions make a lot of sense, as I've written before. If they promote their party as a party supporting conservative ideas like making government more cost-efficient, protecting our privacy rights, and rooting out corruption and corporate welfare, or structuring a way for the current corporate health care industry to provide good health care for all Americans at affordable costs - I'm all for that.

However, if they just continue to spout the same old Corpublican (my personal term for the corporate supporters of the party) rants about getting big government off our backs, privatizing Social Security, criminalizing guest workers, and reducing taxes, I suspect they will only dig their way into a hole deeper than the one George W. Bush has already dug for them. Their appeal is to rugged individualism, supposedly a core value of that party.

The days of rugged individualism really are past. There certainly are some people who live off the grid, arm themselves and join militias. However, most Americans who play rebel/outsider roles, and dress the part, do so for psychic satisfaction. But, when you talk to these people, they don't really expect to actually have to take care of themselves with no outside aid when faced with hurricanes, tornadoes, floods or catastrophic illness. Talk to most Harley riders these days and they aren't Hells Angels. They're off-duty cops, sales people, and factory workers. People who worry about health care for their families and pensions.

Most Americans these days, including most Republicans, understand that it is government that makes possible all of the various freedoms and protections we enjoy, as well as the social safety net on which many retired Americans depend to some degree, and without which many would be sick and destitute. Most people expect government to provide these protections and won't support parties and platforms that jeopardize them.


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