Saturday, March 24, 2007

Washington D.C. March by Christian Peace Witness for Iraq on March 16th, 2007

How often do the major news outlets give prominent coverage to important social events like the March to the White House by the Christian Peace Witness for Iraq on March 16th, 2007? An event in which 3,000 Christian activists brought their opposition to the Iraq War to the seat of executive power. Rhetorical question. The event was over a week ago. Did anyone reading see any coverage?

A kick-off service was held at the Washington National Cathedral, where many religious leaders spoke to a capacity crowd before the march. Jim Wallis, author of God's Politics, gave a moving address to the assembly containing the following key statement:

"By our deepest convictions about Christian standards and teaching, the war in Iraq was not just a well-intended mistake or only mismanaged. This war, from a Christian point of view, is morally wrong – and was from the very start. It cannot be justified with either the teaching of Jesus Christ or the criteria of St. Augustine’s just war. It simply doesn’t pass either test, and did not from its beginning. This war is not just an offense against the young Americans who have made the ultimate sacrifice or the Iraqis who have paid such a horrible price. This war is not only an offense to the poor at home and around the world who have paid the price of misdirected resources and priorities – this war is also an offense against God."

Wallis has the courage to say out loud, and eloquently, what most Americans already know in their hearts, but can't bring themselves to say in public. That the Bush administration is spiritually and morally bankrupt, and all the deaths, American and Iraqi, are an American national tragedy for which we have already paid dearly - and for which we will continue paying dearly for many years.


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