Saturday, March 17, 2007

GonzalezGate: Independent Ethics Investigation Needed!

Americans are so outraged by the facts already revealed in the GonzalezGate story that Big Media can't avoid covering this story although they might have preferred to let the story die.

Calls are coming from every quarter for independent investigations of the Attorney General's actions, the White House's plan to improperly politicize the evaluation and firing of U.S. Attorneys, and the attempts of certain White House staffers and legislators to improperly influence the selection and pursuit of Federal cases.

The link above leads to Common Cause's petition calling for the creation of an independent Congressional ethics commission to investigate the GonzalezGate scandal. Other activist groups are asking for a Congressional investigation or to appoint a Special Prosecutor.

I personally support any investigative alternative except allowing Congress to investigate itself. Too many legislators have too much to hide.


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