Monday, February 19, 2007

What Americans really think of Bush

How much coverage do you think this poll will get? It's a week since this poll was released and I haven't seen it referenced once. If you see it on any major news outlet, please add a comment about it. /DJ

What Americans really think of Bush

Twice a year, pollsters for the Pew Research Center ask Americans to
say the "one word that best describes" their "impression of George W.
Bush." As late as February 2005, the top two volunteered responses
were "honest" and "good." The new top two: "incompetent" and "arrogant."

"Honest" has fallen to No. 3. Rounding out the top 10: "good,"
"idiot," "integ rity," "leader," "strong," "stupid" and "ignorant."
"Ass" checks in at No. 13, "president" sits at No. 18, and
"unconfident" brings up the rear at No. 32.

-- Tim Grieve


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